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i can't wait til friday, i can sleep in and make a delicously funny or should i say
"punny" movie. hahaha-ohh

i'm bored. i'd beat off, but doc said i shouldn't lift anything heavy.-haha
i want to blow up a car, my dad gets to, why not me?
i should be a firefighter. you get to blow up things, and on saturdays we break into the firestation to wash our cars.
i love benifiting unfairly. hahahaha
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I get to be part of the movie. The ninja. Hiyaa!
Well, there are 2 movies: Cannibal and probably Kung Fu Sean.
You can be Kung Fu Sean, and probably Cannibal.
just a quick question, why the hell is the drunken santa trying to kill himself? or is the answer in the question?
oh well, still a cool picture. never really liked the idea of sitting on the lap of a fat hairy stranger to bugger free merchindise from mattel, kinda scary if you think aboutit:::shudders::: ok, thats my witty comment for the evening, im tired and have some wierd little bites on my right hand, that im fairly certain arent from you. God my bodies weird. talk to you later babe.
"where are all the good men dead...
in the heart or in the head"
(i dont remember who said it so im attributing it to mini driver)