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happy day

all in all it was a good day for me. To show you how misrerable by life is during wrestling, this is
how my day went. (remember, this is a "good" day for me. First of all i had to tput up w/ more
of olga in health class. we were supposed to draw a picture of a situation. most everyone's
word bubbles contained about 3-4 words. munch showed olgas in front of class and her text bubble contained a story, god damn, she even talks alot to herself. oh well, after an easy espanol class i head to wrestling, by day turns gloomy and onimous clouds are on the horizon.
but then i remember that i get out early. (Yippee), and that i don't have to practice tomorrow.
But, heres where it gets good, dickface tells me that there's a 5% chance that i wrestle on sat.
then i go to get surgury done on my califlower ear. everythings turnin' up Jake!!!!

note: isn't it sad that i hate wrestling so much that i'd rather go and get surgury than
stay for the last 15 minutes of practice?
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